Rowse 3 Yd. Scraper

3 Yd. Rowse Model 3002

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The Storm

A 3-point ditcher for small surface drainage or irrigation ditches

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3-PT 15

The 3-PT 15 is the smallest of our 3-Point ditchers. Designed with a standard 15" 5-paddle impeller, the 3-PT 15 makes small surface drainage ditches using your own farm tractor. The standard parking stands allow for easy hook-up and disconnection.

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3-PT 20

The standard 20" 6-paddle impeller on the 3-PT 20 is ideal for running in extremely trashy or wet conditions. More paddles on the impeller allows for smoother ditching and less shock on the ditcher and tractor.

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3-PT 26

The 3-PT 26 is our mid-size 3-Point ditcher. The 26" 5-paddle impeller moves more dirt per pass and makes a wider, shallower surface drainage ditch than the smaller 3-Point units.

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3-PT Swinger

The "SWINGER" is a 3-Point hitch mounted machine designed to be used as an offset ditcher. It can be operated behind either tractor tire or any position in between.

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3-PT 42

Our newest and largest three point model, the 3-PT 42 is designed to work in extremely trashy conditions such as sod or stalks. The standard ripper tooth loosens debris and/or hard soil conditions for smoother machine operation.

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Model 24 Ditcher-Terracer

The Model 24 is a pull type ditcher-terracer capable of making drainage ditches,building and maintaining waterways and terraces and cleaning small road ditches.

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The Baby Side-Arm

The "Baby Side-Arm" is designed as an inexpensive and efficient way to clean roadside and drainage ditches. It is versatile enough to use for many drainage applications and can operate in dry or muddy conditions or anything in between.

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The Original Side Arm

The Original Side Arm is the largest of our three side-arm models. The 42" 9-paddle impeller is ruggedly designed to ditch through sod, water, roots and other debris in roadside ditches.

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